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The vertebrate retina encodes spatio-temporal and chromatic information and transmits this information to higher visual processes.  The encoding occurs through a series of synaptic interactions within neurons of the retina using the amino acid neurotransmitters: glutamate, γ-amino butyric acid (GABA) and glycine.

This database is a compilation of over 1,000 images of various labelling patterns associated with amino acid neurotransmitters in the vertebrate retina. Enzymes associated with the amino acid neurotransmitters, cation channel probing using agmatine (AGB) and examples of amino acid uptake systems are also included. In addition to a wide range of vertebrate retinas, there are also numerous examples of models of retinal diseases such as inherited retinal dystrophies (retinitis pigmentosa) and amino acid labelling patterns secondary to a range of retinal metabolic insults.

The labelling pattern can be searched by author, taxonomic or common name classification, cell type sampled, retinal condition, amino acid labelling pattern, amino acid enzymes, cation channel probe, or image analysis. Images can be compared by selecting multiple images and clicking the "Compare Selected" button.

Material should be cited as:

Michael Kalloniatis, Chee Seang Loh, Monica L Acosta, Guido Tomisich, Yuan Zhu, Lisa Nivison-Smith, Erica L Fletcher, Jacqueline Chua, Daniel Sun and Niru Arunthavasothy

Retinal amino acid neurochemistry in health and disease

Clin Exp Optom 2013; 96: 310332

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